Monday, June 1, 2009

Went to a meeting, about the ZOO...and ~

I was so very nervous this morning, I drank my coffee without eating any food and so I was shaky and hyper-- I felt like a gunslinger from the 'ole Wild West--
I knew I might have to fight, and I was prepared, however the enormity of the task was simply overwhelming! My advocate was un-able to attend because she was at a staff meeting, and since this meeting date had been changed twice, I didn't feel like I should ask for a date change-- and risk not having everyone there!

That's when a certain Speech teach came to my rescue!
She took a few precious moments and calmed me down,
she reminded me of what my true purpose was --
she... ROCKS!
(you know who you are so, I won't name names...)
Shane and I get to go to the ZOO!~ I do have to drive him in my car, and I do have to stay near him the ..."whole trip"-- Both the teacher and I will be responsible and able...(willing?) to administer time-outs... Oy vey.... I made it clear that if Shane needs a break I will stop and stay with him, I also made it clear that I will take Shane and leave early if things get really bad.

I was so convinced that I would be told no, that Shane couldn't go that I don't know how to feel about the fact ... that we are going! -- boy... my expectations are out-of-whacked! (bad grammar?)

We also took some time to talk about hugging and such at school...
although I don't think anything was put on official record we do have some key phrases that we will be using around this topic. (finally)
hugging is for home, hands and feet to yourself, High fives are fine, if permission is given...
There is this really,super AWESOME teacher that is creating a personal social story for us...
Since our school district cannot seem to get this done.... Thanks Bethany!

So, I guess my prayers for help were answered, I don't know that I am over the moon happy yet... but maybe I will get happier as the field trip gets closer.

There were things that were said during the meeting that got my dander up... but I choose not to respond--- and now I really have to pray that my choices, or decisions won't bite me in the butt...!

Tomorrow is another day! hummm...


Three Loud Monkeys said...

Glad you and Shane get to go to the zoo! I'll pray the day goes smoothly and is a good, God-way!;)

Kristi said...

It is so nice when we can share special times with those little boys in our lives, when we spend so much time worrying about them. I am glad you had such a nice time with him.