Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Expectations not met

So, last night the weather outside, thunder,lightning,wind and rain seemed to reflect how I was feeling emotionally---
I thought that I was doing a good helpful thing, I had a friend Bethany create two social stories for me/and Shane-- It took her such a short time, and yet -- everyone who read the story thought it was simply marvelous!
I went to the school to see if they would laminate and bind it... I was also willing to even let them keep it to use -- for the whole school--
The secretary said that the school was out of materials to laminate and bind it... the counselor suggested that I go to Office Max... at Office Max they said a teacher would get a better deal....
and so I thought... that I should give the [evil] teacher the benefit of the doubt and ask her if she could make it into a book...
So, I went to pick Shane up and I shared the book's with her... she said that "yes.." she thought she could get it made into a book...(that's what she gets for thinking...)
She ended up taking the book back the secretary and then this poor secretary had to give it back to me... GEEZ --- (and then there was concern.... that because the subject of the book was Curious George -and there were illustrations used.. - the school would have to worry about copy write fees... -- ) This book was only going to be used in school -- and it would not be for public use.

Then, later I find out that I have to PAY $9.75 to get in to the ZOO.... -- apparently there are too many chaperons... (It is about an 2 hour drive one way...)
I had to beg and call a special meeting just so that Shane could go on this field trip... and now I have to PAY? I have to drive him,stick by him,pay for parking,pay for my entrance into the Zoo... and Why? because this teacher or the school --- won't.
Shane is being looked at for Autism, they are attempting to get him an IEP and so he is covered by IDEA technically.... the school should be paying for me to go, and also my gas and time....

I guess I am a bit, bitter and annoyed... this school and the teacher are just not meeting even my minimal expectations.

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Anonymous said...

I am glad you posted this, Stacey. I am sure other parents are left disappointed by their schools. You are in good company. Barbara