Sunday, May 31, 2009

The out-of-doors Harris style...

Normally when the Jerry goes out...with the kids I stay home and clean house or go to the library-- this weekend I went out with Jerry and the kids to enjoy the weather....

Shane was grumpy and whining, up until this moment when he got to pee-- all over the flowers!
(He kept saying I 've got to put the fire out.. I hope I have more pee later to put out more "fire")
We left before he had to pee again...!
I cartooned me... maybe not the best picture I have ever taken...but I love the background!

Look at my hubby.... he is kinda cute... since I took the picture and cartooned it, don't cha think?

This is when Jerry was trying to show Shane and Jessica all the different fish swimming, the kids couldn't see much since they didn't have sunglasses on!
It was a warm day and fun ... in the end was had by all!
~tomorrow I have a meeting at the school to talk about the field Zoo trip and hugging... I want to demand that we (Shane and I ) can go on the field trip--
and if not I will pull Shane out of school..
but, today at church our pastor suggested that we give whatever angst
we are dealing with up to the LORD and let HIS WILL be done...
so I plan on praying hard about this issue-- Will you join me?

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Anonymous said...

I think those are very good photos of both of you and your hubby. You are both cute!