Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekend things we did and didn't do~

First, I must say...SORRY to Patty---
I said something last night when I was leaving her show(karaoke) and not only is the thing I said not true, but it was wrong of me to say.... so here you go my official apology!

Okay now moving on....
Jessica and Shane spent most of the day yesterday playing with some paper dolls-- I found a site where you can print the dolls and some clothes out for free.. yahoooo...
Of course -- we ran out of paper-- and when I was trying to motivate the kids to the store for more paper, (Jessica was VERY eager...) Shane became-- shall we say resistant? So, I thought maybe, I would just ignore him, and move on.
I decided that I wanted to cut out Pj bottoms from some old sheets I have, but I couldn't find a table that was long enough.(crawling around on the floor is just not fun anymore!)My kitchen table is oval shaped and not really long enough.
I got the kids in the car and I was hoping... that I could create a make-shift table at my grandparents' house... They have a big building and I thought that maybe I could clear off a table use it and then put the stuff back... I was wrong... there was too much stuff... and it seemed that this "idea" was more work than good. I had planned ahead and brought the soccer ball -- the kids could play soccer in the BIG backyard while I happily cut out the fabric in the big cool shaded building...(I was hoping to get some great pictures) I gave Shane a small broom and the ball those -- were his only responsibilities---
I guess I shouldn't of "planned..."
The ball almost got left behind and Shane was more and more difficult to deal with--
I ended up calling Patty... to complain as usual...LOL and then I decided that maybe a night of karaoke would help me to be more patient with Shane....
Funny... ha ha ha ...
While Patty and I were talking about all of this .... I came to the conclusion that Shane is choosing not to listen to me the first time... he hears me -- instead he is attempting to control when and how he responds... (the little worm...)
Now, I will be creating a plan of immediate compliance from Shane... any ideas, ?
Meanwhile, Patty was nice enough to let me borrow her table so that I can cut out the material !
I still don't have any paper--- ah well..
My eyes are tired from watching all the "people" at karaoke last night...
I wonder if they really know how silly they looked ?
I wonder if I looked be.... silly myself?

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