Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer is Good

Summer is good so far...

I have yet to hear, Mom-- I'm bored...

(knock on wood)

The kids have been happy to mainly play at home with each other~

We did go to a birthday party this weekend-- it was a Tea Party -- Although there was a minor melt-down when were leaving, but then we stayed for 4 hours...wowee!

Daddy's day was all about going to church and then Mommy spending time in bed-- (I hate being female... it seems like my period's are getting worse)
Daddy even made dinner...(WOW)

Daddy got to go to karaoke and that made him happy~

Jerry is off for the next few days, and so he has "volunteered..." to take the kids for a bike ride!
I need to get some sewing started and work some more on getting rid of thing the kids have out-grown... I just need to get some energy to do all the things I want!

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Kristi said...

You guys deserve a good summer after the school year you had. Enjoy every moment.