Monday, June 29, 2009

New bike for Shane

Shane has a bike that isn't built for tricks, so we decided to get him one that would work better.(not for the tricks...but I do know that tricks will soon be happening)
Now, that I see Jessica on her bike and Shane on his new one... I think we will have to upgrade Jessica's -- she is getting to long and big for her!

This morning Shane was not swayed by the invitation that came from Jerry... "Shane get dressed so I can take you to get your surprise..."
It took a bit of time to explain to Shane that Daddy was going to find him a bike that worked better for him, Shane made Jessica pink-swear that she would not laugh at any of his choices...(Jessica went ahead and pinky-swore-- bless her heart)
The new bike has three brakes, and a kick stand-- it is a bit tall for Shane, but that hasn't slowed him down much... I am so glad that he wears his helmet each and every time he rides...!
Check it out... very well written and easy to read!

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Anonymous said...

Outstanding! Bicycle riding is bery, bery good! Loved reading that your summer started-off good, too. Much different from last June?

Thanks, too for the new blog referral. I'll be spending some time there myself. Barbara