Friday, July 3, 2009

Taking moments of Joy...

Normally, Jerry works 4 days and then has four days off--- his days are always 12 or 13 hour days-- and he works a month of day shift and then a month of graveyard. This month Jerry is working 18 out of the 31 days-- an then he also has a few days of "shows"(aka gig's ) with the band... Jerry is also golfing one day,in a tournament for his work.
My parent's have also agreed to have the kids for a weekend-- but as it happens Jerry will be working nights the weekend that the kids are gone at my parents'--.
The first full week of August we have sooo much planned,Jerry's family reunion, Jessica has an appointment in PDX with the kidney Dr's-- ultrasound to see if her kidney's are still the same size as last time.(one is a bit larger than the other..but that is Jessica's normal)and also urine tests and I bet yet another blood draw.
We also have an appointment for Jessica with the orthodontist-- We have to take our Betta fish, Marina to our friends' house for fish sitting, we also have to pack for 4 days of camping with my mother's family.
There is so much going on-- I have opted to be really slow with things at home, I have encouraged the kids to sleep in, I have let them just sit in bed and read books, I have sat outside with my feet in a bucket full of water and just laughed at the moment. Honestly, I feel like I am storing up riches of our very simple family life ! Ah...Joy!
My camera seems to "think" that IT gets to choose which pictures it uploads..Arrghhhh... so I need to make a trip to Walmart to get see if I can get a print or two of some pictures-- that I really wanted to post and share.
The kids have been mostly willing to do what is asked of them-- and motivated to earn rewards-- What simple Joy!
It sure feels like I am finally getting the home life I wanted all this school year...
Shane asked me why I named this blog Not for Profit, but for Joy-- I explained that I didn't want to profit off of the kids and the family, but instead value and profit off
of the Joy---
It sure feels like payday --

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HennHouse said...

Wow! You are busy... We like to be intentionally slow around here, too. Seems we enjoy each other more that way...