Monday, June 8, 2009

Sunny Day

The weather was nice today, sunny and only a bit of wind~
I have to confess that I seem to have a happier outlook on life when the weather is nicer. Shane had a great day at school... only about 4 or 5 time-outs (neither Shane nor the teacher could agree on how many) zero detentions! -- This week Shane, was/is allowed to have hot lunch-- The teacher reported that Shane ate his lunch with zeal-- and wasn't a behavior issue at all during lunch.
Then after lunch, Shane took the speech part of the schools' test for Autism, and I have never been more proud of my son-- he said, please,thank you, your welcome-- All this time I thought that my constant requests for "manners" were falling on deaf ears. I was wrong! He retained my comments! yahoo! It was a bit ummmm interesting when Shane told us (the speech teach & I)
I get time-outs when I sit on the carpet-- and then I raise my hand to ask a question~
Shane went on to say that he thought that was really stupid, getting time-outs for no reason!
Both the speech teacher and I explained to Shane that sometimes we have to just do what we are told.--- I don't think that he bought what we were selling... but we did make the attempt.:)

Later this week there is a trip to the orthodontist for Jessica, a kinder celebration for Shane, and also a trip to a local park for Shane, no school on Friday, and then our very last day of school is the 17th of June...
Jessica just thinks her teacher is the "best" and since she knows her teacher likes asparagus --that is what Jessica wants to give her as a gift---
what else should I put in a nice basket as a great teacher gift? Ideas?? Suggestions???


cndlnut said...

look up a recipe with asparagus & get the ingredients & put the instructions on a cute recipe card... maybe a wooden spoon or tongs????

HennHouse said...

Oh I like the idea of a whole recipe... Maybe Asparagus Soup or Grilled Asparagus (with just a nice bottle of olive oil, an onion, a bulb of garlic, tongs, and the asparagus).

What a creative girl you have!