Thursday, June 11, 2009

Number 400

This happens to be my 400th post... wow who would of thunk it?

I do tend to over talk, but it seems that I might just over post also!
and yet-- you keep visiting me-- awwww thanks!

First, I need to say thank you to my commenter's-- yesterday was so emotionally draining, and each of you gave me a moment of your precious time to lift me up...

Thank you-- I value you more than you might think!

Karin, at HennHouse-- tagged me with a meme~

Here are the "official" rules: Mention the person who tagged you, list your six unimportant favorite things, and then tag six other bloggers.

So, here are 6 unimportant favorite things about me...

(I really liked what Karin posted on her site,

but I wanted to try and find 6 different,random things...)

  1. I love to read comments, here and at other people's blogs..even if I don't agree I still like to see what other's have written.

  2. I love to go to karaoke, with my husband and Patty, and Jayne... but I don't get to as much as I would like-- good,caring baby sitters are hard to find.

  3. I love to watch my husband sit on the "couch" with the kids and just watch TV.

  4. I love to hear my kids laugh-- the things they think are funny do --sometimes confound me-- but their laughter is just simple joy!

  5. I don't love chocolate, but I do love Carmel no matter how it is pronounced.

  6. I watch too much TV, but I like to read while I watch so I tell myself I'm not as..."bad" as I seem!

So, here are my 6 picks, -- not all of you have blogs' but I am still curious of your answers-- leave me a comment and I will cut and paste it into a post--?

I follow about 20 plus blogs, but I tend to lurk about -- having dial up slows down leaving comments-- Some of the blogs I follow are Family blogs that are private and some are blogs with such a huge following that I know the Author of the blog would be unable to do a meme. So, if you aren't in my six, please -- don't take it personal!

  1. Heather ~at Three Loud Monkey's

  2. Bethany (used to be at Fingerpaint and Roses)

  3. Missy ~at It's Almost Naptime

  4. Kristi~ at The Wheels are Rolling

  5. Barbara~ at TherExtras

  6. Stacey~ at Treasures from Life's Garden

By the way, if you are too busy to post this meme,

I am not offended-- but when you are able please do!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Just for you, Stacey, 6 unimportant things about me:
1 I love Gospel music.
2 My Hubby and I met 6 years before we dated.
3 I still love kissing my 19-y/o's head.
4 Sometimes I fall asleep while praying.
5 I worry more than I should - about everything.
6 I love tamales.

Thanks for tagging me!