Friday, June 12, 2009

Ah, Joy!

So, yesterday I had many choices of things to do
~go to the school with the kids for a carnival.. and possibly run into teacher, or possibly get roped into working... spend money that I didn't have- for things to eat that I/we shouldn't
~go with the Ladies from church and attempt bowling... (Jerry was late getting home, so this wasn't available after all...) This was $10.00 that I didn't have until Friday...
~go to karaoke and watch other people make complete fools of themselves.... (most of the singers weren't bad-- but the "people" playing pool... they were the REAL entertainment...
I wish I would of taken a picture-- but that might of started a bar fight.... yeah...not my style!

Last night when I tucked Shane in, he requested that he get to sleep in, he asked that I keep it dark in the morning and not "bother" him.... imagine my "surprise" when I hear him in the living room at 7:20am singing the ABC's and reading a book out loud! Normally if we were going to school the kids have to be up at 7am.... So, is 20 minutes really "sleeping in?"
Now the kids are happily playing Star Trek in Shane's room with Jessica, they have most of the kitchen chairs, blankets and flashlights--- Jessica has new colors on her braces -- hot pink and glow in the dark... I think the kids were going to "activate" Jessica's teeth-- and see what happened!

Today is grocery day and it seems like it might be and interactive... Ah, Joy!


Anonymous said...

You have twice as many posts as me! I love reading about your joy. Thanks for sharing! Barbara

HennHouse said...

I think every minute past "normal" counts as sleeping in!