Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Zoo,Alaska,Field Trips, and fish~

Jessica had loads of fun at the zoo~ she also had a really great teacher that helped to remind her to go pee! All those worries ~ and for naught!

She pet a snake,an armadillo,a dead snake skin and a dead beaver skin...(her words...) She got to see the worlds' largest owl, giraffes,she got to see the butts of some baboon's-- and she saw a black scorpion! She had the chance to pet some goats, but she didn't because she knew they had higher rate of E coli...(I love it that Jessica listened to my words of caution and she followed them! yahoooo!)

As I was leaving my house to go and get her, my parents' showed up and wanted to talk about their trip to Alaska on a cruise-- There was 400 or so pictures to see, and gifts to receive.

I am very confident that my family can do a great job of advertising for Alaska~~
from the hats, to the t-shirts, to the socks, to Jessica's backpack, and to many different colored bracelets all saying ALASKA... Shane got a train whistle that he has a hard time kids may be full of things to say, but not full of enough air to get that darn whistle to make any noise-- and ... I'm not annoyed... quiet train whistles make me happy !

When I did finally get Jessica at the school, I don't know if she was happier to be home, or happier that Grandma and Grandpa were at the house!--

My parents tried really hard to convince me that I need to get a bunch of money together-(thousands of dollars)- and then convince some friends to go with me and my husband on a cruise-- I don't wanna... really I would rather save my money for a bigger house-- or something that would help me in my day to day life. (a maid!)

Shane's day went okay... although I got angry with a comment the teacher made -- about an upcoming field trip for him and the other kinders to the same Zoo that Jessica went to. I ended up writing an email to the principal and the teacher and the "professional" (Bruce) -- hopefully that email will bring the results I desire! until then I will try not to dwell on the negative. (as I stamp my foot and then tap it repeatedly to hurry the process along!)

Jerry showed up really late this evening empty handed, apparently there was one fish caught, but I think it went home with his brother. The guide did make a new deal with the guys to do another guided fishing trip with a cut rate price.-- Today, Jerry is fishing for bottom fish at the coast, this time his work is picking up the tab...

I just got an email from the professional(Bruce) and Shane can go on the trip, but we will all have to meet before the trip--- they (the staff) are worried that I can't keep my son safe! Geez...
I don't get why my skills are being held in question!

By the WAY --- My sister-in-law (Sara)and my brother(Peter) have been married
now for 4 years and I am very proud of them, and the lovely family they have created!
congrats! yahooooo!


mommyto3duckies said...

Yeah for Jessica!! All that worrying for naught, my dear! You have done well, your kids are amazing.

Anonymous said...

This is a jewel of a post, Stacey! Everything I asked for and more! Thanks! I like the new background - very pretty and artsy.

Whenever you DO get the urge to cruise to Alaska, maybe when you are closer to my age, ahem, maybe we can do it together - if I'm not too old by then.

Sorry about the sturgeon.

Childlife said...

So glad Jessica had fun! I hope we can squeeze in a zoo trip or two this summer :)

So glad that Shane is going to get to go too!