Sunday, May 24, 2009

Thank You to Ellen Notbohm

I have people in my life that don't really understand why I parent the way I do--

They think it is interesting and possibly humorous but they don't really get... "the why--"

I was over at Melody's blog today Slurping Life-- each weekend she has people link up to show off pictures of different topics, but without editing. It's called SOCC, Straight out of the camera--I have participated before but not recently--.

I happened to be checking out other peoples posts, and I happened upon an article--

The ten things that your child with Autism wishes you Ellen Notbohm

After reading these 10 things I thought to myself, wow-- Shane really does have quite a few of these traits. I wonder if I could post the information here and --

would it change how people see me as a parent and how people see my son ?

Would it change how they choose to interact with my son?

would it change my own guilt that my son is just not like all the other kids?

Will reading these 10 things, help me to be considerate to others--

no matter what?

no matter what!

We are all precious in HIS sight, and yet-- I find myself slow, to always see others' as I would want to be seen-- as simply precious and wonderful in HIS sight.

Gosh, I guess it comes down to this, how do I tell those who don't like change,

(we never had car seats-- why do the kids need them?...We did what we were told, why can't he? How long will we have to talk to him like that? Can't he just learn to act like all the others? Doesn't he learn after all the repetition?)

How to tell them without hurting their feelings?

How to tell them without hurting my own, and my son's feelings?

That change is really what is best~

This really isn't a statement about political views, but that is another huge difference.

So, I guess I will get off of my soap box, and go get ready for church~

Have a lovely Memorial Day


Anonymous said...

Interesting article! The article just described my ADHD son and myself as a child. I do believe that there are variations on every subject and I also believe that every child is different and there is no "normal". Some of these so called "disorders" (hate the word..sorry) border each other's symptoms. I also believe that alot of children are overlooked that have the same or similar symptoms. I have often described my ability to focus as having had to overcome the same sense of confusion from all the input of various people and noises as well. Love you Stace! Your children are brilliant and I'm betting Shane will surprise and impress you. Patty

Childlife said...

That was a great article -- I too wish people could learn to be a little more tolerant, choosing to think the best of people rather than assuming the worst.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Your new page woke me right up! Love it. Patty