Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Should I worry?

My dear daughter... who happens to be a skinny,health conscious almost 8 year old,
has been reading every food label that she can find...!
I remember doing this as a child-- but not with the same enthusiasm...
I stuck with reading the cereal boxes... she reads EVERY label that she can!
What do you think ? is it too much focus on the label and the numbers?
Jessica will be turning eight next week and I do believe she will be getting her very first pet
-- a beta fish... any suggestions?
The kids have wanted a pet for a long time, I suggested a pet rock-- that didn't go over very well -- so we compromised on a fish. Will this be an easy pet?

By the way... I happened upon a brand new blog-- it's called Three Loud Monkeys
hop over there, if you will --and give her a comment-- that would be a good thing for today!


Three Loud Monkeys said...

Yeah, thanks so much for leaving your sweet comment and giving a shout out for me. Nice to meet you! I hope we can get to know each other in the future.

Without being too forward, as a complete stranger and all, I would keep a close eye on your little lady. She's precious and these girls are stacked up against terrible odds with their body images. I started reading food labels and exercising at much too early an age. It took a Mighty and Gracious God, a neurotically committed husband, and many years to overcome my body image battle. I wish my parents had been more aware.

I will pray for sweet Jessica. You just keep telling that sweet thing how wonderfully she was made and how perfect she is in the eyes of her Creator!;) ~Heather

Anonymous said...

I agree with Heather! I think Jessica is more intellectual in her thinking if I know her though. She's a smart one! Although re the Beta. Sometimes those can be a bit sensitive. I think goldfish are a bit easier to care for with a snail and some green stuff floating around you don't have to worry as much about them kicking off or the PH balance of the water as much. Love you Stace. Me

mommyto3duckies said...

Tell Jessica her old friend Bridget says hello! Have a wonderful Mother's day, my dear!

Bonnie said...

hi stacey ... i think a beta fish is an excellent compromise. they are quite easy to take care of ... and fun to watch swim around !

i wonder what numbers jessica is concentrating on when she reads the labels ? if she's just being health conscious, then i think it's a good thing ... if it's about weight then there might be some refocusing that needs to take place ... (just my two cents !)

ps ... thanks for stopping by my blog !

pps ...i enjoyed my visit here !