Monday, May 4, 2009 our house~

This evening my daughter and my son held an event for their parents--
It was a real eye opener~(eye roller)
Last week the kids got to eat at Mc'd's-- and the "toy" was a cd of music by Kidz Bop...
Shane and Jessica love this cd, and although I am glad that they were happy to express themselves, it was like watching poor interpretive dancing--
It was hard not to smile, laugh and comment,
both my husband and I were trying not to break the "mood".
Who knew I would need a poker face as a Mom?
I -- so don't have a poker face...
I hope I don't crush the kids' spirit...
I hope they keep their...."dancing" to home performances ....ONLY!
They are not for profit... but for Joy! not for profit... but for Joy! But for Joy!

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Lynn EnsMom said...

oh I so know what you mean! When I cannot keep my poker face and the kids' feelings are on the line, I just tell them I'm laughing because they are so adorable! Which is pretty much true!

Maybe next time you could film them and submit it to America's Funniest Videos.... might be worth fame if not $$!