Saturday, May 2, 2009

The little things~

I think it's the little things of parenting that I enjoy most...
  • a sleepy good morning smile and hug(no matter the smell of the stinky morning breath)
  • a moment of ah.... when the kids stop for a moment and then start laughing all over again.
  • on Saturday mornings when the best seat in the house is in Daddy's very sleepy lap.
  • that moment of stillness -- when I get Shane to sit still watching cartoons while I trim his nails---

Will I still get these quiet moments when they are older?

Or ~ Will they choose twitter,facebook and such over these little moments ?

How will I convince my kids that the value I find in the little moments- is a tie that binds me to them.

I think of people who have tough relationships with their parents' -- and how even if they are adversaries the little moments-- those seem to be a type of magic glue.

So, I guess my thought and prayer today is that we all receive those little moments that keep us coming back for more.

And that we are able to see the little moments with Love and grace.

What are your favorite little moments?


Anonymous said...

Yes Stacey...I miss those moments for sure. They don't happen often now that they are grown. I still have a couple of saved voicemail messages that are special though some day they will be gone too. I saved Shane's for over a year too before I had to finally delete them. You will still get those moments but you definitely don't get them as often as when they are little. I am glad that you get to stay home to get them as often as possible now. You can't replace that or put a price on it. Love you Stace. Patty

HennHouse said...

Oh, Stacey. What a fabulous post. You had me (tears and all) at "a moment of ah.... when the kids stop for a moment and then start laughing all over again." Isaac turns nine in a couple of weeks. I am just not ready. So very not ready. It seems like I blinked four and a half years ago and now I'm here with a tween, a preteen, and a sassy three year old.

Barbara said...

Enjoyed this, Stacey!

Teach me to delight in simple things.