Friday, May 1, 2009

I'm tired today

Gosh, have you ever had a day that just seemed to take all of your spare energy out of you?

I got up early to get milk,bananas,cereal and such from a quick trip to the grocery store~
I came home and convinced the kids to get up and get moving~
Jerry called home to say that he had finally been chosen to pee in a cup for work-- (he never does drugs, and hardly ever drinks more than 1-2 beers--- he has been with this company since 1988 and only now -- are they finally testing him ! Go figure !)
So, since he wouldn't be home in time to take the kids to school-- I got to do it...
I know better than to get the kids up early-- but it happened this morning and so it was tough convincing the kids that we ... did have to go to school.
After I dropped the kids off -- I stopped to talk with another Mom-- and I noticed that Shane was being taken to Life Skills for a detention...
Later, when the phone rang while I was grocery shopping I knew -- what the phone call was about.
Shane wasn't meeting expectations-- he was being loud and complaining about not wanting to go to the Assembly--- (and not so very nicely....) I have a feeling that he was complaining because he didn't know all the details-- this child of mine is all about the details...
It really is exhausting all the pre-talking and saying things in just the right way-- having to have an answer for all questions-- really makes me question myself...
Jerry was nice enough to pick up and Shane and bring him home -- but he was very tired after working all night-- and so he and Shane were a bit grumpy with each other. I arrived home, and had to smooth both of the boys' ruffled feathers--along with bring in the groceries.
Did I mention I have a sore throat and a cough..?
.. No I don't have the swine flu--- I do not have a temperature!
Jerry was upset that since the bed was stripped-- where would he sleep.. Jerry worked a long 12 + hours and so he was...ummmm crabby...
Then when he and Shane were making up in Shane's room... Jerry fell asleep !
By the time I finally got Jerry back to our room the sheets were clean and dry and once again on the bed.

I guess all of this goes to prove this ~ both Shane and Jerry are hard headed determined boys!

I am determined also.. to get some needed rest this evening-
- I hope the kids will truly sleep in the same room quietly together!

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HennHouse said...

Oh, Sweetie!! What a day. Did you get some rest?