Wednesday, May 6, 2009


The top set of pictures has been edited with the cartoon feature,

the second set of pictures were not edited at all.

I guess today was all about expectations--

Shane was slow to wake up this morning, I really had to convince him to get motivated to get ready for school. Before he got dressed, he came to me,and climbed up in my lap-- I just rubbed his back -- I asked if he wanted to talk- he shook his head, finally after a while he said "Mom, the problem is this -- I can't go all day long getting zero detentions and zero time-outs-- it's just too hard to be perfect."

And so with a heavy heart I sent him to school~

Jerry was nice enough to go and pick him up, I didn't want to interact with the teacher-- Shane came home with a card and these two pictures in it-- there was a nice message about how cute Shane is when he smiles-- But, I was still not feeling good feelings towards the teacher. Then I looked at his backpack and there was more homework--- the kids don't have school this Friday, and yet we are getting a bunch of homework-- All year long I have asked for a consistant schedule for homework and it hasn't happened... the only day the kids can turn in homework is on Friday, unless there is no school on Friday--then homework can be turned in on Thursday.

I just need to do more WORK IN PRAYER!

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cutelexis said...

Great pictures. I like the subtle cartoon effects on them. Hang in there with the homework. We're not there yet with our kids. They are 2 and 4 but I'm not looking forward to it.