Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Birthday presents

Jessica got a new SUPER CUTE outfit from Aunt Sara, Uncle Pete and cousin Miles--
she also got a new, and expensive motorcycle helmet [$99.00]
-- that way she (and her brother) can ride on our yucky motorcycle and be safe.
She also got a Betta fish that she named Marina --
- it's a multi-colored mauve/pink/iridescent colored fish ~ I think it might be a boy...hopefully it (he or she) will not be offended by his "girly name."
Shane and I went and saw many really super cool Raptors--- pictures to follow -- some of the photo's are not the best-- I'll do some editing and see if I can get some good ones to share.
Shane was very well behaved while at the Raptor Ctr.---
much to the teachers dismay! Ha Ha
We also had a GREAT meeting at the school-- we made the plan for time-outs and detentions clearer and simpler--- I got to give a TON of input...for a change~ it was used as part of the plan!!!!!YAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOO!
I ...mother of Shane and Jessica got praise for knowing how best to deal with my son... and it only took me 9 months... how sweet this "moment... of Joy" is!

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