Monday, May 11, 2009

Armadillo's and other things

How did armadillo's get their name?

Mommy, note to self-- never put your sperm on the bike seat--cause it hurts-- really it does.(Shane has been playing motorcross mania on the playstation 2 and he thinks he is a stunt man and so he has been trying to do the stunts, in the front yard,on any bicycle that he can ride..
---I am afraid to take a picture-- he might think that I am encouraging him -- )
Tomorrow is
  • Jessica's 8th birthday
  • a field trip for Shane to the Raptor Center
  • (unsure of what time--)(unsure if I need to go, and/or take Shane with me in our car...)
  • yet another meeting for me at the school--unknown topic
  • I have to pick up mini cupcakes at Walmart drop them off at school
  • I have to pick up beta fish and all that includes~

I need to plan and organize, but when the teacher doesn't call it is REALLY tough-- to be responsible! AGH......

Do you have any answers? make me,laugh and spit out my coffee with your comment!


mommyto3duckies said...

SPERM??!!! I almost spit my coffee out!

Anonymous said...

I had to read this to Conrad who is still going on about it...REALLY FUNNY! Good thing he said it at home so you could type it online for us and you wouldn't get too embarrassed. I do think that a goldfish would be easier than a beta though. Love you.