Wednesday, May 13, 2009

pictures from the Cascade Raptor Center

Here are some pictures of the trip to the Cascade Raptor Center-- with the both the kinder classrooms and also the Lifeskills(special needs class).

Shane was upset that he didn't get to be in middle- so he was having a moment...
The smiles on these faces, -- are a bit deceptive-- they may have shorter legs than me and the other parents-- but these kids were like Wiley- Coyote...! quick-- and sneaky!

This is a peregrine falcon-- we found out that it is the fastest falcon on the planet--
When I took this picture it was shaking-- [the weather was off and on a bit cold and rainy]--
I was surprised to see how small it was-- I have read many stories (romances) that talk about how these falcons were used to hunt in the times of old-- Knights and princesses. I thought that it would be more impressive.-- I was still impressed--just not as much as I thought I would be.

This is one of the 3 bald eagles that were at the center-- they were very stunning, but not as scary as I had thought they would be.
Most of these birds had been injured and now they were in cages-- until they were deemed fit to release.
One of the falcons we saw -- had a "cute" name-- Puck -- which means mischievous one!
The teacher made a point of saying that some in her classroom ought to have that name....
Today-- Shane had a pretty good day only 5 time-outs and zero detentions-- he also got a beep beep-- which is a reward -- during lunchtime!
Then when Jerry picked Shane up-- the teacher took the time to complain that we/she needed to find a way to do lunch in another way...
I guess that Shane wouldn't stay sitting and was wiggly... (Funny thing is he never seems to have a tough time with meal times at home-- he is usually so focused on food that he just sits and eats...) Must be the teacher?
I can't wait for next year! new teacher, new principal, new views!

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Anonymous said...

I love seeing birds IRL. What a wonderful place to take children to learn! Esp in that the plan is to release them after healing. I esp love the bird show at the annual Renaissance Fest we attend - provided by a similar recovery/release program here.

Great photos, Stacey.