Sunday, April 26, 2009

Late night thoughts....

I was channel surfing late last night, and since we only have 16 channels (4 of the OPB happen to be duplicates) I ended up at the last moments of America's Next Top Model-- they showed the final picture of the girl..."uh--woman" to be let go --and they removed her picture from the group photo--
It got me to thinking... about the blogs I visit
and the people I feel "I know" through blogging---
Wouldn't it be fun, to take one picture of yourself --- say in front of a fence, and then send it to another friend who would take a picture of themselves and photo shop themselves in the picture and then send the picture on--- It would be like a chain letter picture !
At the end it would be a group picture of bloggers from around the country that have formed friendships-- and yet have yet to meet in "real life"
That way -- I could say that I have a picture of me with my bloggy friends !
(that I have made via blogs and comments!)
or we could even have pictures of our kids having a play date...via our blogs...
Is this possible?? .... what do you think...
I would love to have pictures like this on my blog~ and even a picture to carry around with me-- that way when I talk about you to my "real life" friends--and they didn't have Internet they could still see what you look like and how friendly you seem.

We could use the picture on a card-- and send the card to friends that need some praise and prayers... the inside of the card would have all of our blog addresses and short uplifting comments ... that way not only would the person have a "snail mail" card but they could also go online to the different blogs and see the prayers that are being requested~

Wouldn't that be nice to have a card that shows where all of the prayers might be coming from?

So, anyway.... I was just thinking!

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Kristi said...

What a cool idea. But I don;t know how to photo shop :(