Saturday, April 25, 2009

Blog Carnival at TherExtras~ Development

Blog Carnival~ I like to visit a blog called TherExtras
The lovely lady who writes this blog is a PT,PhD and a OT-- she is also a mom.
Here blog is lively,funny,full of insight,and a bit or three of humor--:)
I read to see how a "professional" --- views life --
Barbara works hard to get parents and caregivers to plan ahead in their daily activities-
- To see every day life as an opportunity to increase learning and skills.
This is the newest Blog Carnival topic~
How have I arranged my
home to enhance my child's development?

Currently, I have a second grader,Jessica and a kinder,Shane --
However, when they were younger I did much more than I do now.
When they were younger, they both needed...more in-home support.

First, I must say that my home is not SUPER clean-- and although I would like it to be cleaner, I feel that focusing on my kids is more important than the dust bunnies.
I would rather have GREAT kids to brag about than my house !

I moved my changing table to the kitchen-- so that when I needed to work with the kids on rolling over I could do it so that the kids would be looking up at the skylight and I would have much better ergonomics for my back! (no... I didn't cook while we did any of this rolling over practice -- and the kids were not in need of a new diaper when I did this-- either!) lol !

I put books on their book shelf that are different levels of reading-- I don't want the kids to think that just because they aren't at a certain level -- doesn't mean they can't enjoy any book.(thus creating developmental challenges)

We have a swing set in our front yard -- that is visible from our living room-- I want them to play,exercise and have fun-- but I also want them to know that always watching...

We have a map of the United States of America and also a map of the World -- one is in the living room and one is in Shane's room. This comes in handy-when watching OPB or the evening news.

We have three different clocks in our living room -- one digital,one regular face, and one atomic -- the atomic clock not only shows the date,time,temperature, and the day of the week. Very often before bedtime I ask the kids to tell me how much time before bed--It is really amazing to see the kids run over to the clock and start to figure out just how much time is before bedtime.

In my daughters room we have things that she has made hanging from the ceiling-- we have assorted art work on the walls-- I want her to know that we enjoy seeing the things she has created. I think it also important for development-- for the kids to have their own space how they want it.

Both of the kids have a row of hooks for their backpacks and coats-- When we walk in the door, I try to always say coats up on hooks, shoes in shoe bucket-- It seems to be helping the development of responsible kids! (and sometimes husbands' too!)

I have found that by only buying the food that I want to see my kids eating -- helps them to see- that I am looking out for their health and development. If you have a well feed healthy kid, you can expect better behavior, and development.

I am also a firm believer in lists-- I have lists on my fridge,on my bathroom mirror,the kids' door- I figure that if you see the lists then you develop the belief that you...can it...
When we drive in the car I point out signs and animals that we see-- often I will say
  • what a great looking Green dog.
  • That sign that says STOP--- it looks so pretty in yellow.

I have found that my prompting the kids to think about what they hear, and see helps their development-- and it also helps them to be...quiet while they are thinking about what I just said!


Anonymous said...

An excellent post, Stacey! Off to guide my carnival readers over here!


Stacey,momof 2 said...

I goofed up when reading the instructions for this blog carnival--
so please-- forgive my "over" "under" sight---
be sure to visit Barbara at Therextras and leave her a message!
Thanks! (Stacey mom of two) author of this funky blog!

Terri said...

I like the way you're attentive to both neeed and growth.

Anonymous said...

You know Stacey...I just like the way you are! Your kids are soooo lucky to have a mom like you! Give them hugs from me. I love you too. Meeeee!