Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Brag Day

Brag Day

Over at It's Almost Naptime

Today, I would like to encourage you to take today's post and spend it bragging about your kids- Then pop over to It's Almost Naptime and enter your name and blog address-

let's make today about the positive in our kids.

Even a screaming baby, can have something positive about it--

What a great set of lung's that baby has~!

I happen to have two kids-- unless you count my husband. LOL

My daughter Jessica, is a 2nd grader with a lovely heart for helping and caring about other's. So much so, that I have offered to rent her out for babysitting-- or rather baby watching. I don't know if Jessica gets more fun from watching the babies--or the babies are more entranced by her! Jessica has been through alot of medical stuff in her life and yet she still loves to find out how kidney's work-- or why we have two hands--. She is a great mix of Princess and tom-boy -- As soon as I figure out how to make a camouflaged crown with sparkles and feathers-- I bet she will be seen wearing it and --out at our local fish pond, out fishing the boys! (She even out fishes her Daddy on occasion!) She is a sweet,lovely,somewhat opinionated, smart,tall,skinny, friendly,young girl. She loves to sing with an enthusiatic voice,and while~I don't always like the sound, I love her energy--.She loves to ask questions about EVERYTHING, Mommy do Llama's got to church? Mommy can we have a pet worm? She is her Daddy's girl-- but if I beg -- and plead some she will snuggle close and be with me.

My son Shane, is a kindergartner that doesn't let the grass grow under his feet. He loves to read and figure things out, just recently he had a fascination with maps. He loves to share all the things he knows with you, the minute you give him the chance. He hears me say that video games rot your brain, and yet he still loves to play them, and tries often to convince me that video games help "you be smart". Shane has been riding his two wheel bike -- like he sees the professionals on the video game, what an adventurous boy I have...I have learned that parenting Shane is a constant thing, I always need to stay, awake,focused and attentive to him. Each night I put him to bed I pray for him, I ask God to help him to have good behavior and a happy spirit-- after I get done, he takes a moment and prayes much the same prayer for himself.
I also need to stay studied up on random facts, so that my son doesn't seem ...smarter than me!

Just today my husband watched our kids go off to their rooms,

one to read Do Penguins have knees?

and the other to receive his video game reward for reading 3 books with Daddy. --

We looked at each other and said, "We really do have good kids, don't we?"

I do feel very blessed, both of my kids can be sweet,smart and funny-

- and the really cool thing about my kids--

they want me and my husband,

to be proud of them---

Their father and I are--- We are both very proud of our kids!
There really is so much more
I could say-- but I think this is just enough for now...!

What about you -- are you proud of your kids?


Anonymous said...

That was beautiful, Stacey. :)


Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

They sound wonderful!! I am so glad you played!

And boy, I wish Jessica was around here. I got some babies that need some watching...

HennHouse said...