Saturday, April 11, 2009

no rhyme no reason,just pictures

There is no rhyme or reason to these pictures~
However... the very first picture is of me and others...(I'm the dork in the argyle sweatshirt) back in high school-(1988)- and that young man next to me just happens to be Eric Millegan-- he was recently on the TV show Bones, he played Zack Addy-
I didn't really "know" Eric... but I do think he was a diamond in the rough~ he seemed to shine brightly in the different drama productions that he was in.

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Anonymous said...

I think those photos make a perfect combination. Interesting and a variety. Some form of, uhm, self-expression for you, eh?

Not getting all psychological. It is fun to see others when they were younger. You were cute then, too. hehe. And doesn't your daughter look like you then, too?

A blessed Easter Sunday for your family, Barbara