Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This and That

Just thinkin~

if you have a dog, and it happens to be loud and obnoxious--

do you have to bring it with you to Walmart?

oh... I understand now, you would rather leave the dog in the car and have it tear the car apart-- then leave the dog home and have the dog tear the home apart?

yeah -- well thanks! I didn't need my cup of coffee after all!

My friend Patty, thought I was silly to blog about my bra... and maybe I was(I am)

but I took back the two bras that I had bought at Fashion Bug-- and I ended up at Shopko-- where I found a bra I like-- I bought two of said bra! yahooo....

I have figured out that a bra that offers to minimize is good for ME!

My dear hubby is back to working nights this week,

Can I just whine for a bit...? whine,whine,whine...

Jerry works 12-13 hour days and so if he happens to have a safety meeting after work, or he has errands to run-- he misses seeing the kids off to school and --Then he only gets about 45 minutes with them before he has to go to work and the kids have to either eat dinner,bath or bedtime.

We also had to change the date of the Evaluation Meeting for Services for Shane, this is the third date change ... I didn't have the heart to be honest and say--- well Geez, that doesn't work for me-- my husband is working nights and sleeping days--- so having him be with the kids at 2:30pm will be just ... fine....! insert mantra here...."This will be a good positive meeting,This will be a good positive meeting..." ( I might just take a moment and have a hissy fit... now -- that way I will get out all my FUSTRATION!)

This weekend is Easter, and I am very happy--- although I just realized that I should have been sewing an outfit for each of the kids!

--- Ah, well -- I still have time to sew them some cute summer things-- right?

-- right after I sew the pj bottoms for my cousins' son,

and right after I sew the monkey pj's for my nephew Miles...

and right after I sew the pj bottoms for me... out of a sheet that I got at the Goodwill for about $2.00~ the pattern was only a $1.00~! What can I say-- I like cheap things!

I wonder where and with who ~
I can ship my kids to ---
so that I can sew,sew,sew and not have to stop to feed them,
& solve the minor sibling disputes.

I heard on the Christian radio station this morning, people were talking about how they celebrate Palm Sunday,Good Friday and the events leading up to Easter.

*one mom called in to say that in her family the parents wash the kids feet right before the family goes to Good Friday services...

-- WOW what a wonderful way to show love and teach the Love of the Lord.

Someone I know who is not a believer, mentioned recently that she wanted to make sure that her kids-- were believers in the tooth fairy,the Easter bunny,& the Valentine fairy.
(here at our house we skip the tooth fairy, instead I promised the kids that when they loose all their baby teeth, I will let them each have a day with either Mom or Dad, and possibly I will let Jessica get her ears pierced-- I don't know what we would do for Shane yet... I really don't want him to have any piercings... )

I understood that she wanted her kids to believe-- in things that they cannot see---

All I could think about was this--
"Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen" (Hebrews 11:1)

I have Faith that the substance of the beautiful Sunshine will warm my heart and face--

I see the evidence of that in my kids smiles and laughter

enjoying the S P R I N G weather!


Anonymous said...

Helllooooo! I don't think I said you were silly for blogging about your bra purchase did I??? I believe I just said you were silly....Ha! And....OH NO....not the mending pile.....!

Kristi said...

If I can blog about my 4 year old flooding a bank lobby, than you can certainly blog about a bra. LOL! Have a great Easter!