Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spam,Idol and field trips

Okay... here's the deal-- earlier this week I got a comment that I believed to be spam--- so after discussing the issue with a fellow blogger, and then trying to delete it and not being successful--
I decided to just monitor all comments---
and since I have such a huge...
and diverse readership...
(you have a title...honored readers-- that's YOU!)
you leave me a comment,
and it's not long as it's not spam...
I'll let it get published... !
I do love you non-spam commenter's !
and now ~ American Idol~
My favorites are...Lil' Rounds,Scott, and Felicia but I also liked Kendall and Ju'not--
and the people who got picked by.... the voting public are Lil' Rounds,Scott and Jorge.
Next week we the viewing masses... will once again have to suffer by seeing and hearing Tatiana... AGH! but we also get to hear from, Von Smith,Jasmine Murray,Ricky Brady,Megan, Matt G.,Jesse and An youp -- I think I spelled some names wrong sorry...

Tomorrow I will be "available" to take over for Shane's coach--- while at the Science Factory field trip, I have a feeling that this will be a huge blog topic tomorrow. I had to call and ask --- to come on the field trip-- that conversation was frustrating for me on so many levels--
I wish I knew what would help me (besides a sludge hammer) when I talk with the teacher, I always want to throw the phone at a wall when I get done "talking" with her. Planning ahead of time is not something that she enjoys, and so she just doesn't--- yahoo for her... sucks for me and Shane...
I talked with the staff person S. and she suggested a picture schedule of the different things that will be happening, and since my printer is working....(thanks to Patty!) I was able to create an un-professional picture schedule of Shane's day.We have gone over it a few times and Shane seems to be very excited to go on this field trip--- I hope that I can stay focused on Shane and his behaviors'... I do hope and pray that I can stay positive!
Friday the kid are both home from school and it's grocery day... (cue the mantra, this will be fun,this will be fun...) Saturday, we have to celebrate from afar--- my nephews' first birthday--I pray that his ear infection goes away soon, and that he isn't sick on his important day!
We have to change our clocks.. oh, joy!(I don't know about you but I delegate this task to my husband who likes numbers and buttons-- me--- not so much!)
Sunday we have a birthday party and church. Maybe, just to make the days go smoother we will attend Saturday evening church instead of Sunday late service. And since the 100 days of school is coming up, Shane has to find 100 things that will fit in a ziplock bag...--
(wouldn't 100 worms be funny????)
Well, anyway--- that's what is up with us... what about you?


Kristi said...

I had to throw in my Idol two cents. Matt Giraud will remain my pick since he studied piano with the same professor as I did at WMU. I hope he keeps picking good songs like last night instead of that disaster he had last week.

Stacey,momof 2 said...

Kristi,I totally agree with you...