Thursday, March 5, 2009

Field Trip pictures

The Science Factory field trip~

this is not a full class picture...

Shane did a SUPER AWESOME job... there was only had a small issue at the end, we had to line up and wait...
Shane doesn't do well waiting--- But, the teacher happened to be nice enough to plan ahead and bring a sack lunch for Shane--- he was so very hungry and happy to eat--although we were outside and the wind was blowing cold...cold air and it was raining.
The teacher was over the top, super nice to me today... which makes me wonder why she was so abrupt with me the other day on the phone...
I feel like she wants to compete with me -- for Shane's good behaviors--
I don't know,what is or isn't going on --
but I do know that it seemed as though she was talking about me behind my back..
I mentioned to one of the staff who was working with Life Skills classroom-- that I didn't have prior (recent) warning that it was time for this field trip, she just rasied her eyebrows...
I am certainly not the favorite parent with this teacher and frankly...I don't care... (I really wanted to take the high road and not get involved with she, said, she did... but we are talking about my son, who I live with and love dearly, not some silly stupid gossip.)
This afternoon Jessica was eating a snack -- and the next thing I know part of her Herbst appliance was un-hooked and sticking out of her mouth! AGh!
We called and got an appointment... then while we were there... the orthadontist wants to put the braces on the top of Jessica's mouth at our next appointment in April on Tax day... oh the
Joy's! When we went to leave Shane fought me hard and so I barrel carried him out -
- I don't know for sure but I think I will ask the Dr about changing the dose of his meds so that in the evening we get to see better behavior like in the morning times.
We are going to skip the Litercy night at the school -- I don't want to have another issue with Shane --- while waiting in line...bummer... I wanted the kids to get a free book and a free meal... but I think my patience is at an end, and Jerry won't be home soon enough to help.

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