Monday, March 9, 2009

Good Weekend

It was such a weird weekend -- we had snow,rain,sun -- on each day this weekend !
The kids were off on Friday and it was grocery day---So, I tried something new-- I borrowed my husbands' truck and I used it to drive around-- the truck has a heater and air conditioning-- it is much taller and it has more power. It was nice to drive something that was big and pretty--
The kids enjoyed being in the truck also -- there is more space in the truck and they sit up higher so their view is different. (I thought that for a time on Saturday I was going to get sicker-- with a head cold, but I didn't! -- so we missed a birthday party--:( -- )
I posted an ad on Craiglist to see if I could get Shane a desk -- Jessica already has one and the kids fight over it -- so I was hoping to get one for Shane-- I got one for FREE ! --- yahooooo --- it wasn't very pretty-- so I purchased some stripper and during a dry part of the day I stripped the desk of the ugly paint,marker and glitter that it had on it.
On the way home from getting the desk the kids were fascinated to look out the window--- the amount of fluffy clouds that were all around. Shane and Jessica started calling out ~
  • look mom, it's a running poodle
  • Mom, can you see that sleeping polar bear?
  • no, that's a turtle sleeping
  • and then Shane said, " Mom, look I see a God Train! "

if I could of stopped the truck and taken a picture I would of... what a moment!

It was a good weekend, I didn't get all the groceries purchased -- however things seemed to go well. Jerry is going to stain the desk to protect from splinters and such-- I think that we will be the final owners of this desk-- it will need to be recycled after we are done with it!

We had an awesome guest at our church-- he was a man that speaks Russian and his native language -- he lives near Mongolia the details escape me-- but it was simply stunning to hear -- via interpreter his message. I plan on getting the DVD of the service to view again and share.

My nephew,Miles- turned one this weekend, and looking at his blog-- it seems like a good time was had by all!

Tomorrow, Shane has a regular dentist check-up I will be praying for an uneventful visit.

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Childlife said...

Hey Stacey! Sounds like you've been keeping busy -- we have too! Sorry I haven't been by in a while, I've been horrible at bloggy commenting lately :P. Homeschooling, 5MFSN posts and email inquiries, and keeping the house running just slurps every minute out of the day it seems! I'm starting to catch up though -- so glad to hear you'll be speaking for CMN!