Tuesday, March 3, 2009

So, maybe my head will explode?

My husband who loves me dearly, and has promised to spend the rest of his life with me--
Thinks that I am over-reacting...
(I happen to be rolling my eyes while I type this)
This week is Book Fair--
just like last year I said I would help out.. but then later I wanted to kick myself..
.(I guess I don't work well with others'...I don't care to talk behind people's backs...)

Yesterday, there was a guest teacher in Shane's classroom, and it was suggested that I walk down to Shane's class and remind them that they were to come to the library -
the kids were to pick some books for their ..."wish list" ---
Now this is a great way to get the kids to promote the books fair,
however... my son hates to window shop--

Thank God, that his staff person S was able to be there to help Shane exit from the library-- However -- there was extra conversations about Book Fair, and how we can't always get just what we want..ect... ect...
Then today-- Jerry dropped Shane off, and was asked to sign a permission slip for Thursday...


Apparently, the kids will be going to the Science Factory-- which is fine with me, however -- they will be gone from 9am to noon... that is a longer time period.-- and Shane doesn't do well with transitioning from a fun place(Science Factory) to the bus...

If I go -- I have to PAY $5.00! Although the Science Factory site says differently.(It says for every 6 students the chaperone's are free... I guess I am not a favorite parent that gets in FREE?)
The staff person S can be there to help him stay calm for part of the time -- I offered to take her place when she has to leave-- and then take Shane home via our car instead of the bus.-
According to the permission slip I would have to pay to get my son out!

But , geez... can't there be more planning ahead of time??? and communication with HOME???

There is also a great event at school on Thursday night called Literacy Night... it's much like a open house with focus on what the kids are learning, and checking out the classroom-- there is even a free meal available, the kids receive a free book and book mark if they come --

As a parent -- I want to go and see the kids' rooms, but as the Mom of Shane and Jessica-- I just do not think that it will be a fun trip for Jessica,Shane and I -- I have a feeling that going back to the school to ..."window shop" again-- will not go smoothly. Jerry has to work -- so it would be just me and the kids trying to look around,visit classrooms, talk with others -- and be flexible.
At this point we are not going to go to Literacy Night, and I pray that I find a way to answer the questions that will come from teachers,staff, and the kids about why...not.
I guess that my complaint is this, I need planning time... why can't I get a quick phone call or note home about what is going to be happen BEFORE????
Really, I don't think that I can't be the only one
in this school-vs home partnership that is required to be flexible ....can I???????????????

At least American Idol is on this evening, I think....
I still have to figure out how and what to write for the up-coming presentation at a local high school for CMN (Children's Miracle Network)
There are also celebrations planned for tomorrow-- Dr.Seuss's birthday-- I really could of used some prior warning....


HennHouse said...

Your writing makes me giggle.

And I loved your point about flexibility.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Stace! That was one of my main complaints over the years with the schools here. They did that all the time even though you were supposedly getting a monthly calendar of activities that somehow did not have that field trip on it!!!! Then my kids would say....they've been telling us for two weeks about it mom! Ahhhhh! I especially like the one where you are suddenly supposed to have everything to bake 4 dozen cookies by tomorrow when you are supposed to be at something else for the other kid tonight! I love you and GOOD LUCK!