Thursday, February 26, 2009

my knee the owie...& my picks for AI

Okay-- so this is a rotten picture of my knee-- I didn't want a close up-- because I need a shave... but I did want to show that I do have an owie on my knee!

Recently,my grandmother passed away, and I was asked to post her car on Craigslist-- So, Shane and I went over to take pictures of the car-- we had to walk down the driveway and while I was walking... I fell down-- much like a baseball player steals home!

When I fell I didn't move right away, I was waiting to see how much it hurt, Shane stopped turned around and laughed at me!

I wanted to be mad at him since he laughed, but then he was so darn cute... I just smiled and got myself up.

Later when we got home I showed Shane my knee -- he looked at really closely -- and then he smiled and said, Mom---I'll pray for you... and he did!

I Love my son.... he really keeps me grounded! (as does the mud on driveways!)

American Idol is on tonight... here are my picks...

I know they are only picking three tonight, one guy,one girl and then the person with the most votes.

But I have picked 4 --

  1. Allison-- she is only 16 -- she sang Alone, by Heart and was pretty darn awesome.
  2. Megan Joy-- blond with a BIG smile,tattoos on her arm-from Salt Lake City--she sang Put your Records on.(strange dancer in a white dress, but the girl sounded good!)
  3. Jesse -- single mom with Auburn hair she sang, Bette Davis eyes-- and although she needs to work on connecting with the audience a bit more --I liked her
  4. Adam-- the last singer of the evening he reminded me of a young Elvis...without the gyrations

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Anonymous said...

Gee, Stacey, that does not even look like a knee, and I seen a lot o' knees. Ahem. Hope it is all better soon (great medical jargon, I know). Ice.