Thursday, March 19, 2009

Planning --

warning sarcasm ahead...
Didn't start out how I had hoped-
(What was I thinking-- by trying to plan ahead)
- and so it went wrong early in the day.
My dear sweet hubby
is gone fishing for Sturgeon all day today.
I was in change of getting the kids to school and then taking my step-son to the courthouse. I had to get everybody there on time, and so there was no way that I could leave early to make room for bad behavior.
I honestly think that the kids know just when they can have a meltdown and cause me to be annoyed.
Smart kids I have, don't cha think?
Shane, was being slow-- which is often the case-- but when he threw a shoe at me and then kicked the door at me I had enough! I couldn't give him a time-out-- or Jessica would of been late-- and I would of been late to pick up my step-son.--- so I decided to keep Shane with me-instead of sending him to school.
I dropped Jessica off at school, then I let the school know that Shane would be at home and then I picked up the step-son and the pregnant girlfriend-- after first going to the wrong courthouse,I finally dropped the "kids"off.
Shane and I came on home and I started looking on-line for worksheets for Shane to do.
Shane's teacher called to ask what was wrong-- since she had seen me dropping off Jessica -- I explained -- and at first she agreed that Shane deserved a time-out but then she went on to ask if this was going to be a reward for bad behavior! ---
Just the other day, the teacher was saying that Shane needed one on one -- I knew that today was a day where his coach couldn't be there-- so I figured that I could give a time-out,while at home and find out if there was another reason for Shane's attitude.
I don't claim to know all the answers concerning my son.... But I thought that I was the parent?

The other day at the library I found the DVD's School House Rock-- and so I am having Shane watch them--- he already did 5 worksheets-- maybe later I will have him do more,but for now I think things are fine.

suggestions? comments?

I like hearing from the readers I have-- your comments are always welcome!


HennHouse said...

We have some GREAT worksheet web sites!!

Good luck!!

Jodi said...

wow... i thot i was the only person who had mornings like this. i agree with what you did. i keep my son home too when he is having a'rough' morning... and i do try to see if there is more behind the attitude then just what is on the surface! bravo for you!! i will be praying for better mornings for you both!

Anonymous said...


Stacey said...

I appreciate hearing, well reading, that other people have lives like mine! Far to often people put on a facade and don't let people in to see the realness.... thank you. Reading the "craziness" that some days have in your life, lets me know my craziness just might be normal! haha. Keep being real!