Saturday, March 21, 2009

messy but brilliant ?

Our life tends to be a little messy and a little brilliant--
depending on your point of view,
or your personal views about parenting.--
That being said hehe...
My husband was mowing the lawn,
and Shane wanted to be involved,
but Shane is only 6 so -
-caution was key-- ah, hem,...
I was watching Oprah, and waiting for dinner to thaw in the microwave
-- when I looked outside to see this~
(Shane's lawnmower was not running-- I don't think it even had gas in it--- )
Shane can be somewhat difficult to interact with unless you have a car- or a video game controller~ so it was nice to see that Daddy and son could do something to-gether that, created a laugh from me and a video to post...

The previously mentioned Nutria -- is gone from our front yard-- yahoo... at least for the moment--
If I see that invasive thing again- I will take a still picture of it and post some Wanted dead psoters up!
(am I taking this issue with the Nutria too far? nah,...I don't think so...But, I do think I am kinda funny...standing in the hail just to take a video of the Nutria? have I gone too far?)
Today is our first day of Spring Break and I am at this moment happy--- the kids are enjoying watching Qubo-- Veggie Tales and I have found some new blogs to read that are so funny I snorted my coffee twice!
Hop over to Rocks in my Dryer, and also Slurping Life -- both of these ladies are great at opening your mind to new,fun,creative things!

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cndlnut said...

hey I think I recognize that shirt Shane is wearing!

I bet he slept well last night!

Call me Monday for an important update....