Monday, March 23, 2009


It's S P R I N G --- and it's currently our Spring Break --

We have been having wierd weather, rain,snow,hail,sunshine--

the weather has been changing so quickly-- I haven't been able to get outside and take pictures of the different views

-{I am usually so stunned by the drastic change that I just sit and watch, only later do I think-- hey I should take a picture or video of that!}

- Just the other night it was hailing at the back of our house and blue skies and white fluffly clouds in the front of the house! (and our house is small)

Jessica has been reading a Ramona Quimbley book that our neighbors got her for Christmas, what awesome neighbors we have! Jessica was so pleased with her self that she finished the book in only two days! I think this is the first chapter book that she has read-- all by herself!

Shane spent some time playing golf --- on the old playstation we have---at least when he plays golf, and he re-enacts the game it's a bit funnier than when he tries to re-enact the motorcross game!
I just got done reading Mother Nuture--by Stephanie Hirsch Life Lessons from the Mothers of America's Best and Brightest.
Now, I am working on Confessions of a Prayer Wimp-- by Mary Pierce

I also have to do some research to find out what our Spring Break plans will be--
oh... and dishes,laundry,pick up meds,make lunch and enjoy the kids being home.
Ah, the Joy's of Motherhood!

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Kristi said...

I can't believe Spring Break is in two weeks already. We just got back!