Wednesday, March 18, 2009

garden,museum and teacher

Shane and Jerry drilled holes in an old wading pool--- so that we can attempt a garden.
These other pictures are from our local University Art Museum--
Both of the second grade classrooms went to the Jordan Schnitzer,Museum of Art...
I wanted to really like the trip -- but the museum was so stuffy and not interactive I found myself impatient and somewhat bored. The kids that were in my group thought some of the trip was fun-- but they also were frustrated at the no touch and quiet requests. I think that because the themes tended to be about China,Japan and Korea-- I was less interested.
Although it was fun to hold a dead silkworm and find out the short version about how silk is made. I wasn't able to take flash pictures in the museum-- so a few of the things that I might of liked-- I don't get to show you.
This morning I had a quick talk with Shane's teacher-- she was commenting/complaining that Shane needs~ someone with him one on one-- so that he can stay focused and calm.-- I had asked for this at the beginning of school---
He has a coach right now-- but they would like to phase her out and let the teacher and her aid resume --- dealing with Shane.
I agree that Shane does better one on one... but I also think that this teacher is being lazy and not trying any of the techniques that are working... she is reluctant to use pre-talking as a way for Shane to know what is next.

No nutria sightings today! Yahoo... the sun was shining for a time and so I might have pictures to-morrow of how Jerry and the kids used the nicer weather.

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mommyto3duckies said...

You gotta tell me how the plastic pool-garden is working out. I think I have one of those around here and might *copy* your idea!