Monday, March 16, 2009

Another video and the speech!

Here is the first video I took of the Nutria -- while it was hailing !

Tonight on the way to give the speech, the Nutria was in the road... and although the kids suggested that I run it over-- I didn't !

I figured that it served it's purpose, it kept me from being nervous and obsesssing about the speech.

So, the speech went well-- I think I spoke rather quickly-- but my sister-in-law Danni-- said I did just fine ~ Being up on the stage and looking down into blackness was a bit nerve racking-- so I kept my eyes on the paper in front of me. I was wishing that I would of had music playing while I talked--

The best part of the whole evening was that Shane-- stayed calm and realitivly quiet in his seat next to Danni-- I was simply stunned at how well behaved he was-- Yahoo!

Was it all the prayers-- the medication -- or being in the evening?

I don't know but I was sure thankful that everything went smoothly !

{I was going to have pictures or video but that person had to work late-- so I am going to see if I can order a DVD-- }

Ah,well... I am glad I did it, I am glad it's over...

The local radio station sent us a card--they want us to come talk on the radio again... -

- I do suppose the people in my area, will be really tired of hearing our story!


Jodi said...

I am following your blog and have to say... you are awesome. I know what it is to have a challenge everyday... keep up your prayers and God will work more wonders!
BTW... a nutria?? i will have to google that--i dont think we have them in Canada!

HennHouse said...

Yeah!!! I hope you do get a DVD of it!

Anonymous said...

Yeah for Stacey! I love you and I knew you would do well! Of course Shane was good. Danni is a blessing for sure. And...that nutria.... remember they are considered a pest and you can dispose of it at any time. They were brought from overseas in the 1950s during the fur trade for their thick fur and were particularly great for hats. Let's make a big big hat.........

Stacey said...

So glad everything went well; the Lord kept bringing you to mind all evening!