Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Race tracks,Firemen and Sunshine!

Yesterday, Shane was a little sleepy when I sent him to school, but he stayed on green card !
The teacher let him get a little plastic snake from the prize box-- and she didn't send the card home so I could talk it over with Shane- her lack of consistant follow through is showing... (we had said no more tangible rewards-- and we had also said that Shane would need to talk with me about how his day was and I would sign his card--so that Shane would have a clear visual reminder of what his day was like.)

Shane and Jessica did a great job last night of working together to clean Shane's room -- so for a reward I let them use the red and grey duct tape to create a track for the many, many Matchbox, and Hotwheels cars.

very creative -- don't cha think?

I just got off the phone with the staff person who is teaching the red card/green card.--

She and I seem to be on the same page-- she is going to re-visit,.with the teacher-- how this whole program works.

Shane did have rough last part of the day-- he didn't earn a prize from the box and so when I got him he was kicking,fighting and crashing around. It took a while for me to get him calm enough to get in the car, so I took the long way home.-

- We saw a firetruck and so I calmly asked Shane what he thought the firemen would do when they were upset--- Would they use green card calm bodies ? Or would they kick and fight with their fellow firefighters--- Shane got real quiet and then said, I think they would use their green card calm bodies and ask for help!

My dear son, is so very smart... I am in Awe! Clearly he knows what to do-- he just doesn't choose to access his brain when he gets upset.!

My brother-in-law had surgery this morning, and he seems to be doing fine!.. they got their early and the staff didn't even make him wait-- they just took him back and got him preped.

I am choosing to look at the positive things and not let the negative creep in.

(It sure helps that the sun is shining outside!, Thank you LORD!)


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therextras said...

Nice post, Stacey. Full circle report. Very nice.