Friday, February 6, 2009

keeping the Forrest in my mind

This is a picture that came with my new camera's software~ I have to say that I wish I could walk along this path-- I wish that I could feel the lush greenery and the natural quiet of the out-of-doors. It looks like a safe and calm path--
I can just imagine spending some time with the kids and Jerry walking the path and then finding a warm cosy place to sit for a spell and drink some hot chocolate, and eat a scone or biscotti!

Instead... the kids and I are going to go grocery shopping-(Ah, the Joy's?)- today is a normal school day for them -- but I decided to keep them home, we got in late last night from Roseburg, and Shane was complaining about his tummy-- then I realized that breakfast would have to wait until I went to the store for milk! Maybe, not the best Mommy choice, but one I decided to make.

I spoke a bunch of times yesterday with S. the staff person who is teaching Shane, First Steps-- this lady is amazing, she is a mom herself and I really think that she sees my point of view as valid! She found out how Shane had "earned" the [plastic snake] -- and she asked that there would be ...NO MORE tangible rewards until after the training was done-- so that the tangibles did not become a distraction! She also found out why I had not gotten the red/green card home and she is solving that issue.

Although I know that there is stuff to do, and there will be a lot of emotions this weekend-- I am going to try and keep the picture of the Forrest in my head and keep my thoughts positive.

A long time ago,ahem... when I was a teen, I was a Rainbow Girl, and also for a time I was a Job's Daughter-- these are both great teen focused service organizations that are associated with Eastern Star and the Masons'. One of the offices I held was that of a bow station called Nature, I remember how hard I had to work to memorize the initiation speech for that station--- I still remember some of it---
"because it is there, in the still and quiet spaces, that you will commune with God, get his lessons there and let them be impressed on your young life."

Isn't it amazing the things that you retain ?

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I love you Stace!!!!!!! Guess who!