Monday, February 2, 2009

books and other things

Every time I'm at the library I look for Love and Logic and it is always gone, and the list to check it out is long... I just need to break down and buy it... our church is putting on a Parenting class based on this book, but I don't think I can make all the meetings.
I finished When your child is 6-12 it was a quick read, and faith based, it was a good book!

I am currently learning a ton from The Manipulative Child... but I do think I will have to read it all the way through and then go back and take notes. One of the things I have learned so far, is the child and the adult are both involved when manipulation happens.--It's similar to a passive=aggressive relationship, and also co-dependence. (Both of these things are very familiar for me and my experiences growing up --so I hope I can see my behaviors for what they are and put a stop to the ones that are not healthy!)

This weekend I will get to see my two of my cousins' that I haven't seen in ten years or so-- it's sad that it seems to take a death for families to gather.

The kids watched WALL-e today and Shane decided that the rust on WALL-e was his clothes--

Shane,Jessica and I worked on cleaning up Shane's room-- they were both willing (mostly) to help and to stay on task-- WOW Things are going well at our house... !

I also connected with another mom who lives close by--her daughter has SPD -- I am excited that we can talk back and forth. It will be great if we can both help each other and ourselves!
Plus this Mom is a Catholic and so that makes the conversation much more rich, in my opinion!

Thanks for your prayers, they are much appreciated !
(My brother-in-law is having back surgery on Wednesday--I am going to re-schedule Jessica's orthodontist appointment so that we keep the stress level down.)

on Friday I have yet another meeting at the school -- I think this one is to talk about how things are progressing so far with Shane and the new behavior plan,First Steps-- (I was happy to find out that Shane's kinder teacher at church, who is a kinder teacher in "real life" already knows the First Step program and she is happy to start using it when ever we want!)

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Kristi said...

Love and Logic has a great website too that sends out some interesting thoughts periodically. Good for you for reading as much as you can.