Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pipe cleaners and Transformers

Jessica decided to create her own ...special look today for church-- ?
I do hope and pray that she can get some solid fashion advise
(I hope that my sister-in-law Sara is that advisor) before she's a teenager!
When we were at Walmart to get Shane his reward toy for being good many days in a row at school-- I let Jessica choose something for herself...-- she had been good also-- she choose 100 different colored pipe cleaners and a package of sparkly pompon's-- the kids made bracelets out of the pipe cleaners and Jessica had me help her make a necklace with the pompon's.
Shane had earned his Transformer toy and so he was intently playing with it on the drive to church.
The first picture is of the library case at the kids' school it is book fair time again!

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