Monday, February 23, 2009


Do you know about the Children's Miracle Network?

Way back in May of 2001,when my daughter was born~
I found out all about them,and how they really help people at their moment of need.

In the past we, Jessica and I, have been on TV and radio almost each year,talking about our experiences with the NICU -- for CMN --- Just today they called and would like for us to talk to an Auditorium full of people at the Mr Wolverine pageant! (at a local high school)

Yes, I wanted to help,
but then No, I didn't want to go though all those emotions again,
yes, talking about it would be a good way to give back,
No, we are just trying to be normal-- just one of the many---
Finally, my answer was yes, Jessica and I will come and talk,
I can't say I won't cry the whole time--
but I can share how it was --
and just maybe people will step out of their comfort zone
and give more-- time, energy, or money !
So, now I need to write down what I think
I need to say,
and then put the paper in a page protector
so that it doesn't get soaked by my tears.


cndlnut said...

when is it?

Childlife said...

You know, I wouldn't worry about trying not to cry -- you are who you are and your story is your story. Just be you and pretend you're chatting with a friend, Stacey. I know you'll do great! Your story is such an inspiration and I know it will be an encouragement to people.

Hugs and best wishes!