Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Electric Company

When you were a kid, did you watch the Electric Company?
I did, I also remember Romper Room, Mister Rodgers,Captain Kangaroo, and of course Sesame Street.
Before my kids were born, my husband and I had some conversations about kids, and what we thought were good things for them to be exposed to ---
We saw how his ex-wife "parented" her boys
{I called it knee-jerk parenting}
and we both wanted to do Better.
We talked about the things that we remembered from our childhood--
Both my husband and I come from diverse families--- his Dad is one of 10 kids! And my mom is one of 5--- Between us there was a lot of different ways of parenting-- and living.
When our daughter was born, early and with some medical issues, we decided that we wanted to really be present and aware of how we raised our daughter, we wanted her to feel loved,appreciated and above all we wanted her to be smart.
I know that for me, once I realized that we-- were not normal, or typical... and weren't going to be-- that is when I decided to be the best--Us.. We could be...
I decided that the traditional may not always work for us, but that I would try it -- and then tweak it to fit our needs.
Ask my family and friends and they will tell you that I have always been a little weird and strange-- but I think that was the point for Jerry and I
we are... weird and strange--- but that's just-- our normal.
We enjoy watching OPB, I remember once coming home from date night, the kids were away from home ~ Jerry and I stayed up until 3am watching History Detectives ! (That's our verison of normal!)
We don't have cable TV -- and we don't want it-- we get more than enough TV with rabbit ears, and now "digital TV". yeah-- I'm not sure we are enjoying the switch.
However, We now have 4 OPB channels-- Oh, the Joy's !
Recently, we found out that there is a new and improved Electric Company on OPB-- yahoooo!!!
but, it's only on twice a week--- Friday nights at 5pm and Saturdays at 9:30am
My kids are currently waiting very impatiently for 9:30 am....
(every few minutes the kids are telling/asking me, Mom did you know that it is 7:35?--- Mom did you know that it is 8:20? Mom when is the Electric Company going to be on?)
my son has been up since 6:30am -- just so that he wouldn't miss the Electric Company!
and to think that I was worried -- that my daughter wouldn't talk, I was worried that my son would always be seen as a brat-- and difficult.
But to see them calm and focused and watching the Electric Company ---
That simply Joy! Ah, such Joy! (and ....quiet!)
I hope your Saturday is wonderful !

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Kristi said...

I watched the new with the boys this weekend. It was interesting how some parts of it were totally different but they kept some of the same things from before, like the parts of the words starting at either side of the screen and then growing closer and closer together to form a word.