Friday, February 20, 2009


When I first started this blog, it was to share funny and loving moments with friends and family-- it was to be like an on-line baby book--- only the kids aren't babies anymore.
Lately it has been about Jessica and her teeth, and Shane and his behaviors.
I just wanted to take a few moments and say
I love teachers...
I love professionals
I love people, Mothers and Fathers who go the extra mile for their kids.
I love it when professionals and parents can work together to stick to a plan
-- and see those wonderful,glorious positive results.
This morning my dear son... who is not normally a "morning person" woke up ...before the alarm and was playing quietly in his room; when I finally figured out that someone,(Shane) was awake before me!
Shane was eager to go to school this morning-- [this hasn't been the case for a long time...]
We even happened to get to school a bit early, and so Shane I spent time counting constants and vowels on a sign.-- He was staying calm and still with his body and he was even focused on what I was saying.
When I got the call to come and pick him up -- the staff person S. said that even though Shane did get a detention--- he took it very well and stayed calm.
I was so proud of my son--- it seems like he is figuring out that if he follows through with what is his responsibility then -- there are positive results!
Ah, Joy....simple, pure, Joy
So.. thank you to the teachers,professionals,and those who keep -- keeping on !


therextras said...

What a wonderful post, Stacey! Rare, too. I read quite few mom-blogs, and cannot.remember.any.complimenting.schoolteachers. Ahem.

Your comment on my blog was very sweet - thank you - and I am proud to link your blog into the top post. Barbara

hennhouse said...

Great post!!

I love my kids teachers. The fifth grader has some problems, but they ALL (and yes, they are in public school) go above and beyond to work with us. Sometimes, I think they are happy to have a family who WILL work with them.