Wednesday, February 18, 2009

American Idol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So... I took notes last night while watching American Idol--
my picks were the same as America's --
I was na nana ...
Alexis Grace, Michael Saver and Danny Cokey (I am really sorry if I spelled their names wrong)
When the show got started the whole group sang "I'm your's--"
and although I liked most of the performance---
you could really see how young and inexperienced most of them were.

I am so glad that I won't be seeing any more of Tatiana -- the drama queen from Purto Rico-- she was too much -- like a extra on a Latina Soap Opera !
I liked Ricky Braddy, but he was too nervous to show how skilled he might of been.
I thought that Anoop-- was good but he needed more polish.
Jacqui the rock-star wanna be from NY who started off the show-- well, that girl belongs in VEGAS---

What do you think?

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hennhouse said...

Do you watch other reality tv shows? I can't seem to get into any show on television. If there is something we like, the husband and I wait for the season to be over and rent the DVDs. That way, no one is selling us anything while we watch and we can watch at whatever time we want.