Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Today,I thought it would be easy--I was wrong

I wrote the following on Wednesday night,but blogger was down so it didn't post~

I woke up thinking, okay it's Wednesday --short day at school for Jessica and then appointment for x-rays -- then appointment at orthodontist for Jessica to get spacers in.

I didn't expect that it was going to be such an emotionally draining day---

But then I had been hoping (expecting) that Shane would have a good day!

So then, I got the call to come and get Shane from school-- :(

Jerry was home, dressed and able so I sent him-- [ going to get your child from school when he has gotten in trouble, and you can hear his cry in the background is just not an easy thing.]

Shane came home and he was still so upset that Jerry and I just spent a bunch of time hugging Shane and letting him know that we loved him and that we were sorry he had a tough day.

It took a while for Shane to tell us what happened, and I don't even know the school side of the story.

I 'm not going to post the whole long thing here--(I don't want to get all wrapped up in the emotions again)- but on this Friday we have yet another meeting with the school (all about the behavior support plan) and our professional PH.D--- I did email her my complaints and concerns from today-- as she was quick to reply-- so I am praying that this meeting gets more of my issues on the table.

So, my prayers are that Friday will be good and productive! Care to join me in prayer? Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

Don't mind at all, Stacey. I am sure hoping you will 'bridge' me the name of that function in photoshop that makes line drawings out of photos.


Remembering your sweet boy and his Mom in my prayers.