Monday, January 19, 2009

The past and future! Happy MLK day!

Today is Martin Luther King day, and I was thinking about the past, and then also the beginning of our new future tomorrow~ I really pray that our future as a nation and even as a world -- becomes brighter and more focused on peace,goodwill to others', and even a look to living more "green"!
Shorty after Christmas, our family went to visit my Grandmother and Grandfather in their care home-- I wanted to view my grandparents in a positive view-- so I edited the pictures -- I hope that my love for Grandma and Grandpa shows thru in the editing~

My husband,Jerry forgot it was MLK day and the kids had no school--oops- so he woke me up this morning~ by calling not only the cell phone,but the home phone to tell me that he was staying late at work(he worked the night shift) because he was going to get his performance review.-- My dear sweet husband got a great review,and he ended up with a raise! ... yahoo!
( I was happy he got the raise, but frustrated that he woke me up!...bless his heart!)

I was watching GMA (Goodmorning America) this morning, and I have to admit I cried when I heard that Our President to be -- will be using the Lincoln Bible to be sworn in as our first,black president~ how wonderful and very fitting!

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Anonymous said...

Your grandmother is a beautiful woman. Now I know where you get your beauty from. BLESS YOUR HEART!!!!! Get over Stacey.... you are too beautiful! I love you!