Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm working on my bridge!

*see below to find out about this bridge~*
blogger is playing with me --and not as nicely as it should!

I created a post and then I thought I published it -(it said I did)

- but blogger didn't follow through! Geez...

There is also a note again today that there will be a scheduled outage at 4pm PST today!

Go figure!

This Friday is a meeting with the school and the PH.D --- to re-create the Behavior Support Plan... any and all prayers would be wonderful..---

This week Shane has had two tough days...and so has his mom...(he has had to come home early -- because he couldn't complete his time out according to the school)

This morning when I dropped him off one of his classmates said to the adult she was with, "Oh,that's Shane he doesn't act like a regular kinder kid"
I didn't even respond-- I was stunned into silence.
Then -- I stopped by in the lunchroom to see what Jessica would be eating and I ran into a lady I met this summer, she knows the kids and I~ she asked if she would see Shane in the lunchroom --I had to explain that he doesn't get to eat lunch with his class.

I'm sad about both of these interactions-- not just as Shane's Mother-- but as a person who tries to see the good in everyone.

I have a sweet, sweet, child who is very smart--- he just has a tough time transitioning.
***To borrow an anaology from Barbara over at Therextras --- thanks for letting me?
I am going to be working on this bridge--
to see if I can get from my side(where extra consideration for others is KEY)
to the"other side" and then show the people on the other side -
-(people who just don't get me, and mine)
how to join my ...on "my side" of the bridge!

By the way... American Idol has been intresting I missed a little bit -- because I was watching our new president and his wife dance. But last night I heard a few people that were good!


hennhouse said...


When Isaac was four years old he went to a private preschool. Every day (and I mean EVERY SINGLE DAY) a little boy would announce to Isaac that I was there to pick him up by saying, "Hey Isaac! Your mama's here. And she's still white." As if Isaac wasn't already aware enough that he "didn't match" his mom.

sdwno5 said...

I'm sorry that you guys are having a rough time. Anything I can do?

sdwno5 said...

The above comment is by Shelley, by the way!!

Bethany Summer said...

I am finally making it over to your site; I am so sorry that it has taken me such a long time! I am sorry to read that Shane has been having difficulties at school and will be praying that the school is willing and able to work with you and Shane to come up with the truly individualized strategies to allow him to not just succeed but to exceed all expectations. I am also a bit stunned that his classmates have obviously not received the information that they need and deserve in order to understand exactly who Shane is as a unique and equal person and to welcome him into the class. With my students we provided their classmates with the opportunity to learn about their differences as well as the many, many commonalities before beginning the inclusion process and allowed them to ask any questions that they might have and to discover how much they have in common (my students are classified as having multiple and severe disabilities). Their classmates, now having that information, have never once said anything negative and have included my kids as their peers fully and openly and equally (I had been concerned at first about there being almost "mothering" instead of peer interaction). Kids do so much better than adults with acceptance, they just need to have the opportunity and the information given to them on their own level of understanding. It breaks my heart that the environment seems almost designed to enhance differences and not shared bonds. A child is always a child first and foremost, above and beyond anything that may try to pose limitations or challenges or obstacles for them in life. Thankfully Shane has a great Mom who is advocating for him! Sorry this is so long; I am very sensitive to situations where children are not being given even a fair chance at success in school because of the attitudes and behavior of the adults. I will be sure to stop by frequently now that I have your site in my favorites! You have been such an encouragement to me!