Friday, January 23, 2009

Now that was a meeting!

I am soooooo very happy
and grateful,thankful, impressed,hopeful,impatient,and ecstatic!
{hmmm,have I laid the praise on a little thick?--nah-- I don't think so}

note to self: When you can't get what you need -- keep asking for help,keep telling people about what you need... focus your positive energy on the task at hand!

Cindy Anderson,the professional Ph.d, I have mentioned before
is simply amazing... "cue the music--We Shall Overcome"
not only did she come to the meeting prepared to lead it -- and lead it she did--
but she also made suggestions that seem to be simply perfect.
She made suggestions in such a way that the people involved didn't feel like ---
their plan was being shredded to pieces! Although-- it was --- so sorry a BAD plan!

It was nice to sit at the table and have my point of view--seen and heard as valid and important-

I still think that the proof will be in the pudding-- ahem...
I am praying that the staff that will be implementing the First Steps to Success
[sorry about the redundant use of success-- but I am thinking positive things only!]
have success with teaching the teacher and -- also showing Shane how best to behave!

Cindy also has some plans and suggestions for at home... she was so sweet to ask if I would like input and suggestions--- I said, "Yes,please--"

We are still using the meds for Shane,but now they will be given in the morning-- so that-- hopefully his behaviors will improve at school and ... also at home!

I felt respected for my comments, apart of the process, and also that the teacher and the principal would do...their best to implement the things that Cindy put on the table.

I used to think that people who had PH.d's were smart, but not super relate-able-- I have so say...I was wrong... PH.d's are wonderfully down to earth --
From my ...ahem ...experiences today I would say they....ROCK!


sdwno5 said...

Hey, it's Shelley! I am so glad. Call me/email me with details!!

hennhouse said...

Stacey, I can just feel the confidence in your words here! Yeah!

The Wheelz Are Rolling said...

I am SOO happy for you. It makes all the difference when you feel like you are being heard and respected for your thoughts. I hope every day gets better for you and Shane.