Friday, January 30, 2009

Pictures from today

Well, we found a few things to do today--
Shane needed new underwear, so I let him decide what kind, we ended up with Hanes boys soft knit boxers-- Shane keeps calling them boxing underwear---
(he sounds like a Super Hero, cue the echo when he talks about his "boxing underwear"!)
Jessica lost a spacer-- so we went to the orthodontist to put it back in and we just happened to see a Rainbow--
then I stopped to get some soda pop-- and they gave us these really cool 3d glasses-
- The kids are now pretending to be ---
super hero's,fix-it people, and other things that don't seem to have names!

yup, I played with the camera's soft ware again !--
It's like a cheap thrill for me to take a picture and
then just keep changing it until I like what it looks like!

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hennhouse said...

Keep playing! I totally love the "coloring book" effect!