Saturday, January 31, 2009

Went to the Library

So, I got to the library~ all by myself and so now I will be working my way through:

Parenting a Child with a Behavior Problem

by Penny Hutchins Paquette & Cheryl Gerson Tuttle,M.Ed.

Achieving Success with Impossible Children

by Dave Ziegler Ph.d.

The Manipulative Child

by E.W. Swihart Jr. M.D. & Patrick Cotter Ph.D

When your child is 6 to 12

by John M. Drescher

The Challenging Child

by Mitch Golant Ph.D & Donna G. Corwin

I looked for the book recomended by Kristi -
-Delight in Your Childs' Design but I couldn't find it --

I hope that I can glean some good things from these books!
Or maybe even re-learn stuff I ...thought I knew!

Jessica really wanted me to "do her nails" like you Mom---
but we found out that the sticky papers no longer work -- so we have nails but no glue-- Jessica thinks we should just get some glue dots and use them-- (I said, Ah, no to the glue dots).


Childlife said...

Looks like you've got some serious reading going on there! :D We just had a library trip a couple weeks ago -- I think our next one is next week. I like Jessica's glue dot idea -- LOL! :D

hennhouse said...

You do have a long list... I would also recommend Parenting with Love and Logic and Transforming the Difficult Child.