Tuesday, September 2, 2008

WIP, works!

Work in Prayer
Prayer works!
I spent most of the morning praying:
That today I would,
show a willing and open face to Shane's new teacher--
Guess, what? GOD IS GREAT!

When we went to the kids' school for meet the teacher I decided to stop in Jessica's room first, and then we went down to Shane's room--- Jessica's teacher was very nice and Jessica didn't have any sort of problems asking questions on her own! Shane was very happy to just play with some magnetic letters on the filing cabinet while he waited for us.-
- I was so impressed that he was patient and willing to leave without a fight, and NO Whining! Simply Amazing!

Then we walked on down to Shane's classroom, and after some confusion we found the correct room -- There were a bunch of mom's and kids, that were trying to converse in Spanish through, a young girl--. So, Jessica, Shane and I just walked in and found something to do-- Shane played with another boy with some blocks and Jessica tried to ..."supervise" (Bless her heart...)
Finally, we were able to talk with the teacher~
I explained that Shane didn't yet have a 504plan, that I was waiting for it to come in the mail--
I showed her his previous testing scores from the school district and explained that he was very smart, but that his behavior changes when he gets overloaded with sensory issues. I explained that he is getting therapy. I mentioned that I would love to be in class if she wants me there-- but that working with other kids, is easier for me.
Although the teacher made a comment that made
me want to hit her over the head with a book...I did manage to control myself~
{"Well, now I have three of "those kids" I guess I could use the help managing them}
I am sure that the teacher didn't even realize how degrading that comment was to me or Shane,
so I just snaped my mouth shut, and prayed that I could eventually change her heart and attitude!
(I am not usually the Mom who shuts her mouth, so I was very glad that GOD was with me at that very moment...what a blessing! )
It was funny, a few moments later when another Mom was trying to get her son out from under the table, --- I happened to be sitting there filling out the parent help-in-the-class slip-- This mom was starting to get fusterated and annoyed with her son, and I noticed that although she was trying to say the right things, he was picking up on her nervousness-- (Just like Shane does to me... on a regular basis! ) I was able to calmly explain that Shane would be at school to-morrow and that the books and boys needed to sleep so that to-morrow they could all get to-gether and play again. I went on to say in passing to the Mom, This to shall pass-- cause... I know it will ! LOL! Maybe on to me ...LOL!
Once the teacher saw the child, finally leave with his mom--- she looked at me and said---
How often do you want to help in the classroom? LOL--- I guess all those parenting classes and paying attention to what the professionals at EEP did with Shane seems to have helped ! The teacher mentioned that Shane didn't seem to be very worried if I left his side-- and that was a good sign in her eyes-- I did take a moment and explain that Shane can and has, melted down under a table just like the other boy--Although, I don't think she believed me! LOL
So, I am going to wait and let the teacher tell me when she would like my help---
I hate to say it this way but.... She has been warned!
So, only positive things to report...I am so happy and proud and nervous and excited---

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hennhouse said...

"those kids" it never ceases to amaze me how insensitive and unknowing some "professionals" can be.